Branded Merchandise – Tips and Tricks to Make Your Business Stand Out

When looking into business expenses, it’s easy to overlook the costs of marketing. In fact, by using a few simple merchandising items, and distributing these, you could end up reaping the benefits of advertising without having to pay so much for it. With so many different options in the world of branded merchandise, there could be something for every occasion, including specialty conferences, holidays, and for long-term clients.

Unfortunately, in today’s tight global economy it is simply a fact of life that small businesses may be prone to going under more easily than they would have in the past. Without a solid marketing plan and a way to stand out in the eyes of clients, this could be all too common. There are a number of tactics that could be used to help prevent this however; and using creatively branded merchandise to help keep the company name in the public eye is but one of these tools.

Many business experts recommend branding all stationery with the company logo and your contact information. That way, every piece of correspondence turns into a reminder of the brand’s existence. There have been studies that show that a client is far more likely to call when they have a little reminder in front of their faces, which is why this continues to be such an effective branding tool.

Personalized products are another way to give that truly individual spin on the idea of branded merchandise. If you take the time and effort to initial a shirt, bag, or other item with your logo as well as the customer’s name or business, it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile in terms of customer service. That is definitely something that people remember. There are catalogs that will give you a better idea of what this looks like.

A sense of humor goes a long way in the business world, and may actually be more important than people realize. Keeping clients on their toes with the use of funny statements on your choice of branded merchandise is a way to utilize the element of surprise and keep them interested. Surprising and delighting clients is half the battle, and then they are more receptive as a result to the business message that you are trying to convey.

In today’s climate in which consumers are more concerned about environmental sustainability than ever before, it can also be a good idea to look into the purchase of recycled branded merchandise. That shows that your company is progressive, and it also is a way of managing to still create promotional materials but without leaving behind a wasteful trail. All too often, these products can be rather silly and then just be thrown away after the client has looked at them. Recyclable materials are a way of helping avoid this.