Business Cards – The Importance of Good Design and Business Branding

Business cards remain an important part of our business lives, despite the digital revolution. Sure we can exchange details on our Blackberrys or iPhones, but a card represents more than just our contact details. Business cards are an essential piece of our business brand, using color, graphic design and perhaps a well thought out tagline to make you and your business memorable to your new contact.

A lot is expected of this small piece of card. Your business card needs to:

1. Convey information clearly and succinctly
2. Represent your business brand
3. Be individual
4. Stand out from the crowd
5. Look professional
6. Have space to jot a note or message

All this on one not very large piece of card stock, it’s a lot to ask, but there are more and more creative solutions to choose from now than ever before.

You can design and print your cards yourself, or download design software from the internet, but in most professions, corporate or creative, where branding is key, it makes sense to go for professional graphic design and printing to get that creative and polished edge..

When your business card is all a new contact takes away with him or her, the impression it gives has to be as smooth and professional as your business image. After a networking event or conference you may come home with a pocket full of cards. The ones that stand out, look individual, jog your memory of the person they represent, those are the cards you’ll keep. Anything scruffy, dull and unmemorable is likely to go in the recycling bin.

So when you need new business cards, go to a professional for the design and printing. If your business brand is well-developed, they will only have to re-interpret your existing branding to suit the card format. If you haven’t yet developed your business branding, this is your chance to get some design input and work out the graphic style and colors that best represent your business.

Whatever you do, it is important that the design and branding you use on your card ties in with your whole business look, including website, e-mail footer, stationery, flyers and so on. A card isn’t a stand-alone piece of design. It should be a little piece of yourself and your business that goes out into the world as your ambassador and brings people back to sample the rest of your business offering. So good design only starts with your business cards – it should also extend to all your marketing materials, including your website – that’s the beauty of business branding.