Christian Business Opportunities – 2 Cautions to Look Out For

The catastrophic economy has propelled the influx of Christian business opportunities. More and more Christians are now looking at the network marketing, direct sales, and the home based business industry as a viable way to not only make money but to fire their boss and truly enjoy life.

With their eyes and pocket book wide open they are desperately searching for legitimate Christian business opportunities that will satisfy their desire. Savvy marketers understand what is going on now and are positioning themselves to take advantage of the opportunity.

Some Christians are hipped to the game and will only work with another Christian for religious reasons. Here in lies a few problems that will be explored.

1. Does the business have to be started by a Christian?

Most Christians understand the importance of working with other “believers”. But does that mean they are to block themselves off from working with people that don’t hold the same views that they have? Having such a viewpoint where you will only work with Christians can potentially hinder your ability to not touch other people’s lives and be successful in business.

To be quite honest more people “of the world” are successful at running businesses than Christians because they understand and follow the natural principles of operating a business. One should always be open minded and take the approach that you can learn something from everybody no matter their background.

Some business owners are not open about their faith so it is not fair to judge if they are a Christian or not.

2. What will others think of me if I get in a non- Christian business?

If a person does decide to get involved in a non- Christian business, the worry of others judging them can hinder their success. An individual has to only look within himself and ask is their anything morally wrong with what I am doing and is it displeasing to God. Too many Christians allow themselves to be held hostage by what others think of them and miss out on life.

Non Christian business owners operate by the same golden rule. They want to make sure they treat others the way they want to be treated. It is a universal principle morally people adhere too.

If one is a follower of Christ they understand that He mingled with people from all walks off life. One shouldn’t judge not getting involved in a particular Christian business opportunity because you don’t have the same beliefs.

Do your research on the opportunities that are out there that peak your interest. See what ignites that passion and desire in you. Of course you want to pray as well. Then take action. Don’t sit around waiting for a miracle. There are tons of Christian business opportunities that are out there. The only question is is it right for you. Don’t rule out non Christian businesses opportunities as well.