Duties Involved In LPN Jobs

LPNs are licensed practical nurses, also known as licensed vocational nurses. Within any medical institution, the LPNs are the nurses who provide the greatest amount of direct healthcare to the patients. As such, their role is very important. They are the ones who cater to the daily needs of the patients as long as they are undergoing treatment and communicate the same with their superiors, who could be registered nurses or the doctors. Hence, the licensed practical nurses are the ones whom the patients are in communication with most of the time.

LPN jobs demand a lot of duties, given that these jobs are the most direct in healthcare organizations. The following is a list of some of the duties that licensed practical nurses have to dispense:-

-LPNs have to take the vital signs of the patients, which enable doctors to make their diagnoses. If the patient has to undergo any preliminary diagnostic tests, then the LPNs have to prepare them for the test, take their samples, send the samples to the relevant labs and then get the reports for the doctors to scrutinize.

-In case of minor wounds and injuries, LPNs have to perform the first aid tasks such as cleaning the wounds, applying dressings and bandages, etc. They have to assist doctors in providing sutures.

-It is the LPN’s job to administer injections to the patients in most cases.

-LPNs have to keep a watchful eye on patients who are in serious conditions. They have to be vigilant about patients receiving blood, glucose or saline drips. They have to carefully monitor patients on catheters and oxygen supplies.

-In patients who are admitted to the healthcare facility, it is the LPN’s duty to check that everything is going alright. They are responsible for the food and water supplies of the patients. They must take care of patient hygiene, and can instruct the helping staff in the healthcare facility to accompany the patient to the toilet, get a change of clothes, etc.

-LPNs are qualified to provide therapeutic massages to patients. If the case arises, such as if the patient gets a pulled muscle due to lying on the hospital bed for a long time, then the LPN can administer a massage to set things right.

-LPNs have to prepare patients who are to undergo surgeries. They have to get them changed into attire fit for the surgery and take care of their food and water restrictions during the period. After the surgery, they have to monitor the patient during the recuperation stage and constantly keep a watch till the patient is fit to be discharged.

Hence, the LPN jobs include complete patient care and monitoring, and at the same time coordinating with the superiors. The job responsibilities are immense, but they are very good training grounds for licensed practical nurses, who are learning to be registered nurses in the future.