How Is Online Fundraising Beneficial?

Until recently, conducting fundraisers were not so easy. Organizers had to go through a lot of hassles in terms of paper work and manual data entries for hosting such events. This resulted in a lot of scope for human errors and significant data loss. However, things have changed for the better. The introduction of the Web 2.0, there has been a total transformation in the ways fundraiser events used to be conducted. An increasing number of NPOs are nowadays resorting to online fundraising to streamline their activity in a systematic manner. At the same time, such web based means are cost effective and reduce the manual workload to a large extent. Let me now discuss some of the benefits of online fundraising activity.

Conveying the Message to a Mass Audience

To reach out to a larger group of audience, you should create your own website. Your website must have all the necessary information related to your fundraising events. At the same time, it should be attractive as possible so that it can easily catch attention. In addition to this, you can also reach out to hundreds of users via various social media platforms. This is however possible if you opt for any of the Cloud based software products that come embedded with social media connector tools.

Secure, Immediate and Diversified Donation Collection

You can offer diverse options for collecting donations via major credit as well as debit cards. Moreover, it also brings in the provision of payment through various reputed gateways. Besides it also allows you to accept direct payments via your own merchant account. The online service is fast and immediate and you can even categorize the payment options according to the amount donated. This payment procedure being PCI complaint and SSL certified is absolutely secure. Addition of an online donation collection facility also helps you gain a global platform.

Automatic Data Maintenance

Unlike conventional processes, you do not have to operate any manual data entry procedure. The smart online service helps you to easily maintain the donor base in a comprehensive manner. There is however a centralized database where data is automatically maintained. It thus helps you to keep an easy track of donor information like name, donation amount, contact information etc.

Cost Effective and Environment Friendly Approach

Irrespective of the amount a donor contributes it is your responsibility to acknowledge him/her for that. With the online service you no longer have to write/send thank you letters and post them physically. A Cloud-based event software user can resort to the embedded emailing tool to acknowledge his/ her donors.. Besides, the web based service follows an environment friendly approach by reducing paper usage and automating the entire process of donation collection.

The convenience and simplicity of this online service is gradually making it a popular choice amongst an increasing number of Non-Profit Organizations who have allocations to limited budgets.