How to Make Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business Stand Out From the Competition

I remember several years ago being a student in my Advertising 101 class in New York City. We were discussing unique selling propositions (“USPs”). The professor asked the class to define a USP. I, along with most of the other freshmen students, didn’t really understand the main concept back then.

A USP, or unique selling proposition, is quite simply the feature or features that make one business different from a similar business — and, most importantly, how those features ultimately benefit the client.

A unique selling proposition can really be one of the most difficult things to formulate as a new business owner. But if you remove the formalities of creating your USP and concentrate on how your business will be different from the competition, you will recognize obvious benefits that your clients will appreciate.

Foreclosure Cleanup USP Example

For example purposes, let’s say a foreclosure cleanup business owner is also a realtor, investor and landlord. (By default, the owner will also be a contractor as the owner of a foreclosure cleanup business.) All of these are great features that lend toward forming the foreclosure cleanup business’ USP.

But, in the above example, the primary benefit is NOT the fact that the foreclosure cleanup business owner is a realtor, investor, landlord, and contractor. The gold mine is, instead, in the benefit these experiences will ultimately bring to the foreclosure cleaning business’ clients.

How? Because the foreclosure cleanup business owner will be able to relate to every aspect of a job because the owner will have been on all sides of a foreclosure cleanup transaction (a realtor hiring contractors; an investor working with and managing contractors; and a landlord working with realtors and contractors).

The business owner will have touched every aspect of a trash-out transaction at different stages of his or her career, wearing all hats. This experience will bring a different level of planning and overall comprehension of a job that another foreclosure cleaning business owner (who’s never been a realtor, landlord or investor) won’t have.

This will also ultimately benefit the client when it comes to job planning, pricing, follow-up, follow-through, and general industry rapport.

Tell the World About Your USP

You have to tout your USP. It does no good having a unique selling proposition if you don’t point it out. You have to market your USP and its benefits or your clients may never know.

For example, on your business’ website, create a heading that reads “What Makes Us Different.” Use this opportunity to point out your USP and what it means for the client. Consider coming up with a slog that sums up your USP and include it on your business cards, postcards, on your car magnets and fliers, in your online marketing, and other places you deem appropriate.

Other Sample Unique Selling Propositions

Here are some examples of USPs for various businesses to get you thinking:

Burger King: Have it your way. (Benefit: Satisfaction in the fact that a customer can make a plain hamburger “their” hamburger at Burger King. I still remember the full jingle from years ago. That’s how effective their USP was and still is.)

Bounty: The quicker picker-upper. A paper towel is a paper towel is a paper towel, but bounty saves time (the benefit) because it picks up spills faster than other paper towels.

Domino’s: Fresh, hot, pizza at your door in 30 minutes or less. (Though Domino’s has shied away from the 30 minutes or less delivery or it’s free because of previous lawsuits re: accidents, but the presumed approximately 30 minutes is still associated as a positive benefit of their company when customers order delivery.)

Start Formulating Your Business’ USP

Think about your foreclosure cleaning business and what you bring to the table. What will set it apart from the masses? What is it about you and your business that will make it different from other like businesses — and how will those differences ultimately benefit your clients?

Also, make sure your unique selling proposition is true — live up to it in how you ultimately service your clients.

Good luck in planning your business and formulating your foreclosure cleanup business’ unique selling proposition.