How to Organize a Bunco-Themed Fundraiser

At present, the concept of themed fundraising is gradually gaining ground among the non-profit organizations. A lot of such bodies and other charity organizations choose a particular theme for holding the fundraiser in order to keep their audience engaged. If you are planning to organize any fundraiser event shortly, you can try out holding the engaging Bunco game as your fundraising theme. Organizing a themed fundraising in present times is the most popular and rewarding way to raise funds for any cause. In this article, we are going to discuss how to make your next themed fundraiser a successful attempt.

A Fundraising Goal

Before you start looking for a theme, you must learn to set up a realistic fundraising goal. Also, think of the amount, which you want to raise through your fundraising campaign. It will help you decide how many people you will invite for your event. Considering all these can help you decide the entry fee as well.

When deciding the number of entries, be sure to keep it divisible by 12, as each regular Bunco game includes 12 players. In case, you have 48 players, you have to organize four separate games. It also helps you raise funds in an effective way. If you want to raise $1200, ask your 48 players to register by paying $25 as an entry fee.

You need to make enough efforts to keep your guests engaged. Make sure that you give your guests enough opportunity to enjoy themselves and make them feel that they are donating for a good cause. You must provide your guests plenty of information about the cause for which you are raising money. To make your fundraising even more interesting, you can add some different events to the Bunco game. You can get numbered chairs for your guests and thus, offer them an opportunity to pick up a number out of a jar when they first arrive.

You can even include a silent auction in your fundraising event to earn even more money. You can ask the local businesses to provide you with gift cards, services, and items for the auction. You can even get in touch with the large retailers, who are interested in donating for non-profit fundraisers. If possible, you can also include a 50/50 raffle. Organizing a raffle is always an excellent choice as it offers your guests many opportunities to win some money.

Keep in mind that Bunco is a fun and entertaining game that can help you keep your audience engaged and, at the same time, raise adequate funds.