Logo Design – Corporate Identity Branding – Brand Identity Guru

Like it or not it’s who you are. Your corporate Identity touches all aspects of your business and plays a vital role in your customer’s overall feeling with your organization. Having a strong integrated identity throughout your marketing communications is the first step to building your company and a solid brand image. Your Web design, brochures, ads and all other collateral should be developed to enhance the corporate identity of your company and enable customers to instantly identify with your organization’s spirit and messaging.

A professional branding company will work with you to determine your target market and develop a custom corporate identity that reflects your company. The most vital aspects of your business are taken into consideration, from the products you sell right down to what color slacks your customers like to wear.

Your Logo- It’s the first graphic anyone sees. A logo is where your corporate identity begins. first impressions are extremely important and your logo will be the benchmark form, which you are judged. It’s your first line of offense in your sales force, so take your time and make sure it represents everything you are made of. With all of the mediums available today, your logo needs to easily transfer to stationary, signage, video, mugs, pens etc. A good branding company will develop a memorable logo that fits you to a T.

Stationery-Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes.

Be sure that all your correspondence enforces your corporate identity, from your business cards and letterhead to your envelopes and thank you cards. They are all part of the stationery package and are equally important to your identity.

Corporate Identity Package-Is this a box you can mail to customers with your company logo stuck on the side?

NO! It’s a full identity package detailing all aspects of your image, right from the acceptable fonts and colors through to all the logo variations for every possible medium. A consistent identity and message is vital in creating a brand for your organization. Your corporate identity package will be your organizations guide to your brand and how it should be presented, in every situation.