Making Money Online – In-Text Keyword Advertising Makes That Message Pop!

It’s been said many times that content is king. This is particularly true on the Internet, where millions of people scramble to and fro for information each day. The most useful, convenient, non-intrusive information delivery systems on the Web are the ones that get the traffic. If your Web site doesn’t make the grade, people will look elsewhere.

The same idea holds true in online marketing and advertising. The Pay Per Click ads you write and the affiliate marketing arrangements you make are only as effective as the content delivered. Once effective ad content exists, the delivery method must be as seamless and relevant to the user’s interests as possible. An exciting way to meet both of these ends is via in-text keyword advertising.

What is in-text keyword advertising? This form of contextual advertising places specific words within the text of a Web page. The word is usually distinguished by a double underline. When a user trains their cursor over the in-text advertising, an in-page window appears with the associated advertisement text. In-text ads for your services appear on sites with related content.

In-text advertising used to be confined to niche sites, such as video game and science portals. Now it is increasingly prevalent, found even in such places as mainstream journalistic Web sites. Some champions of journalistic integrity have criticized this practice on newspaper Web sites, but a growing number of publishers see in-text advertising as a natural extension of advertising techniques used over the years to reach and serve consumers. Considering the current state of newspaper companies, it could be argued that clinging to an outdated notion of integrity and overinflated sense of value to society makes no business sense. When revenue models are considered, online advertising is a must. However, as one reader states regarding the 12/3/07 Businessweek story on in-text ads (“Pitching Between the Lines”), “many companies need advertising, but we don’t need bad ads.” This basic line of reasoning – that better ads serve the public better – should be the credo for any advertising you write or any advertising you host.

Let’s assume you’re ready for the kind of revenue stream in-text advertising can bring through your Web site as a publisher, or through your own ads on relevant sites. Networks like Kontera offer advanced In-Text Advertising solutions. They guarantee the highest degree of relevancy between content, keywords and ads. This equals higher click-through rates and a nice return on your investment (as an advertiser) or conversion rate (as an advertiser or a publisher). Vibrant Media offers IntelliTXT technology, which reads a page and in real-time double-underlines words directly within the content and places sponsored links inside a relevant page’s text. Should the user click on an in-text ad, the site owner will make a commission. Miva MC is another great source for in-text ads that pop. Any InLine ad through Miva MC is 100% user initiated, meaning that a visitor must mouse over the underlined keyword in order to see the advertisement. Ultimately, this leads to a winning equation of added revenue for you without having ads take up too much page real estate. One possible undesirable result in that situation might be that advertising clutter eventually cuts down on page impressions. When it comes to online moneymaking, that is a no-no. Simple in-text links like those available through a program such as My-PayDayLoan are clean and can be highly effective.

Great content keeps readers coming back for more. Great ads that blend with great content can boost your online revenue stream. With in-text keyword advertising, get your message before an interested audience or deliver a highly targeted ad on your own Web site that can net you significant commission per referral. Combine this technique with Pay Per Click advertising and other types of Affiliate Marketing and you are well on your way to mastery of making money online!