Managing A Successful Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Doing a fundraising event for your school activities, charities and other social gathering is one of the best ways to obtain funds; particularly when people in your own community are good supporters in these kinds of activities. Planning and preparation is one of the most challenging parts in organizing a fundraiser. For novice and inexperienced fundraising organizer, I would suggest a simple but profitable fundraiser such as a cookie dough fundraiser. This kind of fundraiser is ideal for first-time organizers since it is very easy to organize and very effective in terms of raising funds for your events.

Cookie dough fundraiser is considered one of the best fundraising projects in the industry today because it is simple, quick and easy to organize. In terms of profitability and affordability, organizers would have a great time since the product is easy to sell and it is already very popular in the market. You won’t need to explain your product to your customers; this will save you more time and effort and can focus more on how to improve your events. a cookie dough fundraising project is an order take type of fundraising which means that instead of bringing your products while you sell, you will be handing out order forms and brochures. The order forms will be used by the customers where they are going to place your orders and the brochures will help the customers decide on what kind of cookie dough product they are going to buy. After they have chosen their products, another team of volunteers will deliver the ordered products and also obtain their payment. In this way, the distribution of your products from your supplies down to your customers will run very smoothly. Make sure that your sales teams are well equipped before letting them out to sell so that the selling process will run more efficiently as possible. Also ensure the clarity and quality of your sales brochures and order forms so that the customers won’t have a hard time choosing what kind of cookie dough products they want and the manner in which they are going to place their orders.

Acquiring the services of reputable and respected fundraising company is highly recommended for first timers since this will help them jump-start their events properly. Your chosen fundraising company should have extensive experience in terms of handling fundraising projects so that you can easily reach success in fundraising. Your company will also serve as your product supplier and advisor so always choose the best fundraising company as possible. The company should also have affordable products in order for your fundraising company to become more competitive and profitable. The quality of their products must also be one of your top priorities since this will help in the selling process. Affordable and high quality products are very appealing to most people; always ensure that your products are of high quality and at the same time affordable. Your fundraising project will gain more once your customers will know that what you are offering them is reasonably priced and at the same time very delicious.