N-Hance Franchise Review

The wood renewal business is one such business, which not only provides services for necessity but also for beautification of wooden items. People often tend to modify or beautify their traditional wooden closets and cabinets rather than purchasing new ones. So, this business will always remain in demand. This N-Hance Franchise Review will help you decide whether it is the right opportunity for you.

Overview: N-Hance Franchise is a franchise, which is into the wood renewal business. They have unique processes by which they can refinish wood cabinets, traditional wood floors and many other products, which are made of wood. Their processes have helped them achieve some amazing results at a fractional cost and time. N-Hance Franchises have helped their customers in beautifying their wooden items, which was beyond their expectations. They have also helped their clients by saving their many thousands of dollars in this process. This review states some points about the N-Hance Franchise. If you are interested starting a wood restoration franchise, then this review can give you a fair idea about it.

Background: N-Hance Franchise of Wood Renewal services started offering its franchise service in the year 2003. Since then, its franchise locations have rapidly shot up to around 200 franchises. There are around 180 franchises, which are operating the United States itself. You can say that N-Hance Franchise is one of the largest in the world in the area of wood improvement retailer.

Advantages of the N-Hance Franchise: It is still a relatively new franchise in the market. You can choose from available exclusive locations nationwide with about 100 markets still available. This franchise is rapidly growing in the wood refinishing market. Some of the facts which for which you can opt for N-Hance Franchise are listed below:

Your customers will enjoy beautiful and almost new looking wood cabinets and floors, which will be very different from the rest of the services provided in the market.

N-Hance has some unique processes, which can help you in achieving incredible results at a fractional typical wood refinishing cost. There will be no mess, dust or odour involved as almost all the jobs get over in a day’s time.

All these benefits come at a very low cost. This means that your customer will be pleased and happy with your services. They may also refer you to their acquaintances that may need a wood renewal solution. This is definitely one of the advantages, which can help in your business growth.

Start-up Fees and Franchise Cost:

Total Investment: $22,500-$37,500

Royalty Fee: $220-660/mo

Term of Agreement: 5 years

Initial Franchise Fee: N/A

Advertising Fee: Nil

Business Operations: It is very easy to run N-Hance Franchise. Some of the points, which are included in the operation of the N-Hance Franchise are-

· There is no need to obtain a big area or office space to run your franchise. You can operate your N-Hance Franchise business from the convenience of your home. So, you do not have to invest money for a work space as such.

· You can hire 2-3 employees to run your franchised unit.

· Absentee franchise ownership is allowed.

As always, when making a business decision it is important to do your due diligence and research. While the franchise will help with the systems necessary for operations, the success of your business will always be in accordance with the effort and energy one puts into business development