Online Marketing Consulting – Why Every Small Local Business Needs to Know About PPC Marketing

Most small online Brick & Mortar businesses can do okay for themselves without an Internet presence. I mean why not. There’s word of mouth and thousands of people probably pass by your place of business every single day. As a professional Internet Marketing Consultant, you might be wondering why I would make a comment like this. Well the truth is that even though your business might get by without Marketing Help, it could do much better with Online Marketing Consulting. I mean it could literally double your business revenue per year. Here are a few ways it could do this.

Pay Per Click Marketing – Everyday more and more people are getting on the Internet to search for things they need. And that means anything from Baseball Season Tickets, to places they want to go eat, to furniture they need for their house. All these things they are searching for online in the global market have a tremendous amount of competition attached to them. For example I just typed in the word furniture in Google and got 177,000,000 results. Yes that’s 177 million.

However I go and type in Oceanside Furniture Stores and get just 121,000 results. When I put quotes around the keyword this means I’m going for an exact match, and there were only 14,100 results for this keyword. If you owned a Furniture Store in Oceanside, CA., you’d want to bid on terms looking for people in your local area. You’d be wasting all of your money if you just bid for clicks on furniture. You’d get a ton of clicks, be paying a lot for each click and no one would be looking for furniture in Oceanside, CA.

So you really have to know what you were targeting and what keywords you need to go after in order to get your monies worth out of Pay Per Click. The other thing you need to consider is where are these customers going to land. Most Small Business Websites aren’t built right in the first place. College Web Designers usually trained solely in design and aesthetics, but aren’t the best at monetizing Website Visitors.

What you need to consider are Landing Pages. They are not the easiest things to build but they are necessary in order to maximize the amount of revenue each visitor is worth from the Search Engines. When making a Landing Page, it’s best to offer a free coupon or something of great value in order to capture their name, email and phone. Sometimes you’ll even want their address so you can send them Follow-Up Postcards or Direct Mailings.

We hope you enjoy this Free Online Marketing Consulting. We have many other traffic generation methods up our sleeve. If you want to learn more, just contact us and we’ll let you in on all of the secrets for free.