Plastic Fundraising Cards: Powerful and Profitable

Plastic fundraising cards are proving to be very effective with many different types of businesses and organizations. These wallet-sized wonders are being created as a tool to raise money for charitable organizations, in addition to the flexibility of producing cards for gift, loyalty and membership marketing purposes.

Plastic fundraising cards usually include a variety of discounts that are accepted through the participation of local, regional and national merchants in your target marketing area. A typical plastic fundraising card could retail for $10 and offer unlimited usage of special offers. In addition, special one-time or limited time offers can be provided by the merchant through the card. This type of offer frequently covers half the purchase price of the product or service.

Some of the more popular retailer promotions that have been launched include free drinks with fast food orders, discounts on sandwiches, money saving offers on video rentals, haircut discounts and more.

The results produced through the use of plastic fundraising cards can be impressive. It is not unusual for individual sellers to achieve five to ten sales.

Leading plastic card manufacturers can customize these cards for further impact. Your school’s name and logo can be placed on the card. In addition, any design you choose can be printed on the front and back side of the card. The business or organization’s name and message is effectively branded and retained through the perceived value of keeping and using the card.

Plastic fundraising cards are usually good for one year and display an expiration date on the front. The dating of the card creates a sense of urgency and helps to build a market wherein the card is used for repeat sales.

Popular Uses

Popular uses have included the use of plastic cards with the participation of a pizza or fast food chain. These usually include an offer that is tied in with a single national merchant. These cards can also provide a two-for-one offer on each order, a free drink or similar value-based discount that is usually honored for a one-year period.

Offers can also vary, with most associated with either a single location or a small group of outlets for a national company.

Easy Sale

Plastic fundraising cards have traditionally been an easy sale. The cards communicate high consumer value and their low price point enables wide acceptance. In addition, their convenient wallet size and low cost of bulk shipment stimulates their attractiveness as a fundraising and marketing tool.

Associating your plastic fundraising card with fast food or a popular, ingrained consumer activity is a definite winner. These cards produce high unit volumes, significant profit margins and are easy to sell and use. The result is exceptional fundraising on every level.