Using Online Event Management Tools for Healthcare Fundraisers

Organizing frequent fundraisers is a common practice amongst healthcare facilities all across the world. While some hospitals and multi-specialty clinics do it for meeting operational costs year-over-year along with conducting expensive research works, others do it for raising money to improve their infrastructural facilities and administrative services. Some healthcare organizations also raise money to help not-so-well-off patient parties by organizing regular fundraising events.

Whatever may be the cause, a healthcare fundraiser should ideally consider involving the community as a whole whilst emphasizing on individuals with an interest in regular contributions and focusing on general health and wellness related issues. Planning a fundraising event under the banner of a healthcare facility is not an easy task because invariably it turns out to be a big event; so, opting for an online fundraising event management solution is always a good idea.

Once the type of fundraiser has been decided upon, one should concentrate on getting corporate sponsors for the program. It is not difficult to rope in the biggest brands in the market as corporate setups consider it wise to participate in such fundraising events. By doing so, they can effectively promote their brand names through events which will probably draw the big wigs of the various corporate and industry sectors. However, it is important to communicate with them in formal and channelized manner so that there are no loopholes left in getting them aboard.

Create a webpage for your organization’s fundraising event with the help of the event management software, and have the customized registration page along with the secure payment option available to your prospective sponsors 24X7. This will enable your participants as well as donors to register for the fundraiser and transfer donations online whenever they feel like doing so at their own convenience.

Now, centering focus on the fundraiser promotion part; put together press packs explaining why you are organizing the healthcare fundraiser, how will it impact society, who will benefit from it, and most importantly, what will the sponsors get in return. Offer clear-cut logo visibility on your online promotional materials, discounted access to the facilities offered by your unit, and public acknowledgement for event participation. The online fundraising management tools can also be used to create several levels of sponsorships.

Making use of social media is the easiest way to reach out to a larger target audience. Online event management solutions offer social media connectivity via the social media connectors. Avail of these facilities to promote your fundraiser on the social networking sites. With every individual getting increasingly addicted to social media sites these days, they would easily be made aware of your event, and if the cause of the fundraiser really appeals to them they would not think twice before responding to it in the most generous way possible.

Online event management tools can do wonders for healthcare fundraisers. Avail of it to make a successful event for a genuine cause.