Branding Strategy – How to Build Your Brand

So, you have a business, but you’re not getting the number of customers you need and try as you might, you’re just not getting any new customers. Your business feels stale and you are at a loss as to how to grow your business and make people know you are out there.

One thing many business owners fail to realize is that consumers rarely will go searching for you unless they know you, in fact, how can someone look for you when they don’t know you? They can’t, thus you must make them know you. You must create a branding strategy that will pull them to you so that you can amaze them with your product or service and get them to commit to you. It’s rather like a courtship.

So, how do you get them to come to you?

• Advertise.
• Market yourself to them.
• Shout it from the rooftops if you can.
• Purchase ads on popular market sites or on free market sites.
• Purchase internet ads that will appear on websites that have something in common with your product or service.

These will get people clicking, get them to your page, and get them reading about you. You might even be lucky enough that they like you enough to spread the word about you to their friends! This won’t happen unless you advertise.

Register your site with every directory you can. Register it with search engines. Advertise your site in forums that have something in common with your product or service. Even if only one person clicks on an ad, that could be enough to start a chain reaction that will give you the exposure you are looking for.

Another great advertising tool for you to get your name out there is social networking sites. People spend countless hours a day on these sites and it is a networking Mecca. You can use this networking Mecca to reach thousands of new customers or just to get your name out there. Make a Facebook page for your company and promote yourself there.

Tell people all about yourself and your goals. Connect with them on a human to human level. Let them see your true self and that you are an honest person trying to make a company work. People like having a face they can put on a company, it makes them feel safer doing business with that person. Try opening up a discussion page where people can talk to you directly with any of their questions or concerns about your business. Let them give you feedback so that you can better improve yourself and your business strategies.

If you use these branding strategies, you will see your brand become more known to the niche you are trying to reach which will allow your business to grow. It will start off small but you will get there. Think of it as a seed that with brand awareness and networking will grow into a beautiful tree.