Personal Branding Ideas

Think about branding your own name indelibly in the minds of your best target prospects. What would it be worth to totally differentiate you and elevate yourself above all your competitors? What if potential buyers in your market … and new to your market … automatically recognized your name and associated you with your market? What would that be worth to you in dollars and cents? The answer no doubt depends on your niche audience, but you certainly achieve a premium value against your non-branded competition.

When your name is instantly recognized for quality, your prospects are pre-sold. In most situations, they hesitate to click the “Buy” button, because they’re just not confident they can trust the vendor. But YOUR name implies commitment to quality, loyalty, excellent customer service. You’re known for giving, for teaching, for educating your audience. Isn’t that the person YOU would want to do business with long-term?

So the right personal brand for you can mean a lot. But it must, at the core, be very focused. You need to be very specific about the quality and experience you give. Walmart, worth $400 BILLION worldwide, brands itself with “Save money. Live better.”

Simple. Focused. Memorable. When you choose to do business with Walmart, you know exactly what you’ll get. Your experience is in alignment with the brand, which has obviously been very successful, and which increases the attraction of Walmart.

You can’t force website visitors to opt-in to your newsletter. You can’t force subscribers to buy from you. But if you choose a very focused brand for yourself, and you then promote that with every prospect contact, and you fulfill on prospect and customer expectations, then you will be much more attractive.