How to Find Instant Quotes for Motorcycle Shipping and Transport

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If you’re planning to transport your motorcycle, whether it’s across the country or just a short distance, finding instant quotes for motorcycle shipping and transport can save you time, money, and hassle. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of obtaining instant quotes, helping you make an informed decision and ensuring your beloved two-wheeler reaches its destination safely.

1. Start with Online Research

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding instant quotes for motorcycle shipping and transport. Begin your search by using popular search engines or specialized shipping and transport websites. Look for well-established companies with a strong online presence.

2. Gather Information About Your Motorcycle

Before you can obtain accurate quotes, you’ll need to provide detailed information about your motorcycle. This typically includes:

  • Make and model of the motorcycle
  • Year of manufacture
  • Dimensions (length, width, height)
  • Weight
  • Pickup and delivery locations (ZIP codes)
  • Any specific shipping requirements (e.g., enclosed transport, crating)

Having this information ready will expedite the quoting process.

3. Choose the Right Shipping Method

Motorcycle shipping and transport can be done using various methods, and the method you choose will affect the cost. The most common options include:

  • Open transport: Motorcycles are loaded onto an open trailer. This is the most cost-effective option but offers less protection from the elements.
  • Enclosed transport: Motorcycles are transported in an enclosed trailer, offering protection from weather and road debris. It’s a bit more expensive than open transport.
  • Crated shipping: The motorcycle is crated for maximum protection during transit. This is the most expensive option but provides the highest level of security.

Selecting the appropriate method will depend on your budget and how valuable your motorcycle is to you.

4. Request Quotes

Once you have all the necessary information and have decided on the shipping method, start requesting quotes. You can do this through online forms on shipping company websites or by contacting them directly via phone or email. Be sure to provide accurate information to receive precise quotes.

5. Compare Multiple Quotes

It’s crucial to compare quotes from multiple motorcycle transport companies to ensure you’re getting a competitive price. Keep in mind that the lowest quote may not always be the best option; consider the reputation of the company, their experience, and customer reviews.

6. Beware of Hidden Costs

When reviewing quotes, pay attention to any potential hidden costs. Some companies may add fees for insurance, fuel surcharges, or other extras. Clarify all costs upfront to avoid surprises later.

7. Check for Insurance Coverage

Ensure that the shipping company offers adequate insurance coverage for your motorcycle during transit. Ask about their insurance policy, what it covers, and what the deductible is. If necessary, consider purchasing additional coverage for peace of mind.

8. Read Reviews and Verify Credentials

Before making a final decision, read reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Also, check the credentials and licenses of the shipping company to ensure they are legitimate and reputable.


Finding instant quotes for motorcycle shipping and transport doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With online research, careful consideration of your motorcycle’s details, and a bit of comparison shopping, you can secure a reliable and affordable transport service for your beloved bike. Remember to prioritize safety and reputation when selecting a shipping company to ensure your motorcycle arrives at its destination in perfect condition.