What is an Augmented Reality Sandbox?

All children love to play with sand. Kids are happy to sculpt various figures, older children create whole sandcastles. Such a simple activity has a very positive effect on motor skills and develops the nervous system.

Technology does not stand still, so innovators are developing new interesting games for children. One of them is an interactive sandbox with augmented reality. This is a revolutionary device that is widely used not only for entertainment purposes but also for game-based learning.

Features of an Augmented Reality Sandbox

iSandBOX is an exciting and unique attraction. Augmented reality technology and special equipment are used. Illumination of the sand on the playing field depends on the depth of each layer in a unique way. Thus, the player gets the impression that they’re building mountains and hills with their own hands, creating seas and lakes, turning a green plain into a lifeless desert, etc. There are 29 models (various games) on the sandbox, which means each child can choose an activity they enjoy.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to connect real-world objects with virtual objects in real time using modern gadgets.

Structurally the iSandBOX is comprised of a sand tray atop a table. On one side there is a tall sidearm which houses a projector, there is also a control panel here which can be used to cycle through the various interactive modes. There’s also a computer housed inside of the sandbox along with sensors, each unit includes a tablet which can be used to adjust variables on the landscape, such as increasing or decreasing sea levels. The projector and depth-sensor combined give the effect of augmented reality. The feature of iSandBOX is kinetic sand. It is pleasant to the touch, does not stick to hands and does not get dirty.

Some advantages of using an augmented reality sandbox are:

  • Develops coordination including elements of sensory-tactile therapy;
  • Can be incorporated into teaching of various subjects (geography, natural science etc);
  • Contributes to the overall development of children;
  • Used in psychotherapy and psychocorrection.

iSandBOX products are certified, safe for health and environmentally friendly.

iSandBOX is fun, dynamic and realistic! People around the world love these sandboxes for the extraordinary brightness and beauty of augmented reality. Carefully crafted details, realistic graphics and sound will ensure complete immersion in the process. The wow effect is guaranteed!

Where to use an iSandBOX?

Several versions of the kit are available for different premises, budgets and other specifics, including working with children with disabilities. 

You can use iSandBOX for:

  1. Education.  iSandBOX can be used by an individual or small group, for correctional or recreational purposes, as a standalone tool or as a part of an overall program, depending on individual needs.
  2. Business. Are you the owner of a children’s cafe, entertainment centre or amusement park? You can easily grow your business with augmented reality sandboxes.
  3. Exhibitions and Presentations. iSandBOX is a phenomenal tool for exhibitions and presentations due to its visibility and simplicity.

Our range can engage an audience in a variety of ways – choose the sandbox that best suits your requirements.

Where can you buy an iSandBOX?

You can buy an augmented reality sandbox on our website. iSandBOX provides digital interactive equipment and display technologies, as well as a developer and provider of software products and services. We pay a lot of attention to the safety and convenience of our products. Service support always helps to resolve issues through remote access, instant messengers and by phone. Cooperating with us, you can be sure of the quality and safety of the products you’re operating. Our contacts in the United Kingdom: tel +44 (0)2036 214 714, email – [email protected].