Why Healthcare Organizations Should Use Managed IT Services?

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There is a tendency with healthcare organisations around the world to contend with outdated technology and systems. Sometimes, this can be due to lack of funding, or it could be simply a lack of initiative to modernize the organisation’s technology.

Whatever the case is, there are still options for healthcare companies that are short on time or resources to begin modernizing their IT. One of the first places many start, is partnering with a managed IT services provider (commonly referred to as an MSP). The popularity of these services has grown considerably over the past decade; we were able to speak with a London-based MSP about this. TechQuarters has provided managed IT services London based healthcare providers have used extensively in the past. In their experience, healthcare providers – just like any other form of business – can benefit hugely from modern IT solutions.

What Are Managed IT Services?

With the increasing popularity of digital initiatives, and the integration between business and technology, many businesses over the years have opted to outsource the responsibility for their IT to a professional partner. This is what managed IT services is. According to TechQuarters, services like theirs help organisations focus more of their time and energy into their primary initiatives.

Below are some of the key benefits that healthcare organisations can stand to gain when partnering with a managed IT service provider.

  1. Compliance

Healthcare providers are an increasingly popular target for hackers, due to the sensitivity of the data they manage. This is precisely why the healthcare sector is bound by very strict regulations and frameworks for data management, with which all providers must comply. 

MSPs can help healthcare organisations ensure that their operations are compliant through the use of cutting edge security and data redundancy solutions. They may not be directly part of the healthcare sector, but MSPs are well-versed in the kinds of technology that ensure providers are compliant.

  1. Secure Mobility

The use of mobile technologies is increasing in the healthcare sector. A mobile workforce is capable of providing care to more people within a given timeframe. With the use of mobile technology, however, there also comes in increased need for data security.

When we asked TechQuarters, they stated the solution is to leverage cloud-based applications, which ensure that sensitive data that is held in apps remains isolated from devices (which might get lost when healthcare workers are travelling). Furthermore, the use of cloud-apps provides the option of remotely wiping data from a device, if lost.

  1. Scalability

Working with managed IT service providers also means that a healthcare organisation has access to flexible, and affordable technology. That flexibility and cost efficiency also means that healthcare organisers will find it easier to scale their operations, without coming up against limitations on resources. For instance, a healthcare provider that leverages the cloud will be able to easily scale their organisation, compared to one that relies on servers and other hardware.

Furthermore, a healthcare organisation that uses managed IT services can’t scale up the amount of support they are getting from their provider, rather than having to hire additional technical staff.

  1. IT Support

The elephant in the room of virtually every business is the need for good quality IT support, and the reluctance in spending on IT – a mindset that, despite the importance of technology in modern business, still seems to persist to this day. However, organisations may be more attracted to managed IT services, due to the fact that they offer IT support as well as additional technical services. According to TechQuarters, the IT support healthcare organisations receive from them is more often than not tied into their managed IT service packages, rather than being a standalone service their clients pick.